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Matt Nguyen
United States

I'm currently a high school student and artist. My artwork is usually abstract or geometrical, though I can do other things as well. In the future, I hope to graduate, go college for some form of art, and become a professional artist as well as learn other media such as digital or photography. Right now, I upload a variety of things, including digital, literature, and traditional. Also, I write journals and converse with the community, so if you want someone to talk to, then just note me. Thanks for your interest in me! Feel free to continue checking out my page! (:

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Hello, guys! It's now autumn, which represents change or transition. The weather's still quite warm here, though. A lot happens in a month, so here's my journal for September.

One of the significant changes is that I've decided to stay for my senior year instead of graduating early. My father, along with other people, have convinced me to do this because I'm not prepared for college. Next year, I'll just take some more classes and electives. Sometimes, I dislike my past self because I'm stubborn and don't make the best decisions. Freshman year (about a year and a half ago) was the year that I decided I wanted to try to graduate early. Academically, I can, as my grades are top-notch, but I didn't think about the future. I don't really know where I want to go or what I want to do. It took me over a whole year for this to hit me.

I watched a lot of finales and premieres with unwanted deaths. They were still great, though, some of them beyond words - epic. Shows are quite a large part of my life now, second only to school and possibly Internet. There's just so many fantastic shows with creative concepts. It's a constant struggle between homework and television for me.

Specifically, I still haven't been able to see the new series of Doctor Who, but it looks great from the promo pictures and footage that I have seen. Here in the states, it's growing quite a lot. Last year, I couldn't really point at a fan of the show, but they're now more abundant in school. On one Saturday, when my family had left the house, I was watching some Doctor Who videos and legitimately cried for the first time in awhile. Once you start, anything remotely sad just makes to want to cry even more. Afterwards, though, I felt sort of good. If anything was gonna make tears come out of my eyes, of course it'd be my favorite show/fandom.

Similar to Doctor Who, another one of my interests is The Maze Runner, in which the movie came out for. I'll follow the hype for a show or movie until it actually premieres or comes out. Then, I feel left out because I can't see it. When I grow up, it'll probably be different.

School/homework is the bane of my teenage life. This is the first year in which I am stressed out and feel challenged. As I mentioned in my previous monthly journal, I felt mentally sick of all the work I had to do. Now, after over a month, it's better, but still requires much diligence and good time management, which I can do if I put my mind to it. Taking a step back from all of it makes everything seem not that bad. Nevertheless, I yearn for breaks such as holidays.

The only extracurricular activity that I really do is driver's ed. There's no time for anything else. Besides, I don't have interests in the clubs at school. Hopefully I can get my permit by Christmas and my license by my birthday in May. Driving just really makes me anxious, though. I just feel like I'll never be able to, but at the same time, know I will, as many other people have.

Moving on to my social life, it's not exactly the greatest. I have some people that I talk to everyday, and that's better than having no one. Although they're not really my best friends, they'll make me smile occasionally, and that keeps me from going into depression or something.

Some of my classes are better than others. In creative writing, I've come up with some cool stuff. It seems that I only need a little direction, and I can do great things. That's why I'm thinking of taking art again next year (I haven't for two years). In math, I aced all my tests and am making a near perfect grade. I know it may sound nerdy or whatever, but math just makes so much sense when you get it; It's wonderful. In my government class, we're having an election of the greatest hero of all time. Our class chose Old Yeller (*facepalm*) as our nominee. However, we also chose Sherlock Holmes as the running-mate, which made me happy. That class is my one and only "B," but the teacher is cool (he's the Whovian one).

That's pretty much it for this month! October - here I come! More homework and fall premieres!

Also, my weekly deviation will be posted tomorrow since it'll be Thursday. Hopefully you guys are liking what I've created or at least see what I meant to do!
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kat1004 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for the llama, and I love your Doctor Who stuff :)

Which Doctor was your first, if ya don't mind me asking?
IridescentCatalyst Featured By Owner 1 day ago
No problem and thank you! It's such a great show that I sometimes want to make stuff because of it.

I don't mind at all. Always a pleasure to meet another Whovian. My first was Nine, and I still love him as well as all the others, but my favorite is Eleven. What about you?
kat1004 Featured By Owner 16 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer
My first(and favorite) is Ten, just... He's so awesome~!

Allonz-y, Alonzo!!!
(oh yeah, and i love captain jack, but who doesn't :3 )
IridescentCatalyst Featured By Owner 14 hours ago
Ten's great indeed!

Jack is an awesome character! I loved Torchwood, too.
Graysin-42 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
thank you for the llama
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